Part 9 – People and Cultures

(Growing Awareness if the Wider World)

Indigenous Australians
Find out some of the customs, traditions and crafts of the traditional owners of your area. The original inhabitants of the Bankstown area were the Aboriginal people known as the Eora. Their land bordered the Dharawal and the Darung people.
Eora people, from the Port Jackson region (known as Cadigal) spoke a different language from the Dharawal, whose territory extends from Kurnell Peninsula to Nowra in the south and west to Camden. The Aborigines of Kurnell were the Gweagal people, Dharawal is like a state; Gweagal is like a shire within the state; Cunnel (Kurnell) is a family village within the shire. There was no written language and it was the dialect that distinguished the separate mobs.
The word Eora simply means "here" or "from this place". Local people used this word to describe where they came from to the British. "Eora" was then used by the British to refer to those Aboriginal people.
Above is an small extract of the information relating to this test - there is plenty of information available using a search engine (eg Google Australia) - However, for the Sydney area, the following are particularly useful.


International Cultures
Learn to say ‘Hello’, ‘Goodbye’, “Please” and “Thank-you” in a language other than that of your own, preferably from a native speaker of that language. IF you are unable to locate a suitable person to learn the above, and are also unable to locate someone who has leaned a suitable language at school, then the babelfish website ( is probably the best place to research some words for this.

See the Gold section for a suggested international night that covers all three levels.


Take part in a Pack Council The hardest part about this is ensuring your pack DOES hold regular Pack Councils. Also note that the grey Wolf award requires the Cub to have attended two Pack Councils in the previous year.
A Pack Council is a pack program planning meeting. It is a situation where Cubs have a chance to assist in planning the running of the pack.
Normally the Pack council is attended by the Leaders and the Sixers, as well as the Seconds if desired. Older cubs who are not Sixers or Seconds, but who will need to cover this requirement can also be invited.

Other than pointing out that not every idea is possible for the pack to do, there are no "right" or "wrong" suggestions.


Take part in an activity with another pack or one organised by District, Region or Branch. It falls to the Pack’s Leader to arrange for the pack to attend this type of activity – however as district, region and state events are held regularly, this should not be hard to arrange.
Your district "Seeonee" (a district or region leader's meeting) is a good place to make contacts to arrange an inter-pack activity too. If your district does not hold one contact your region office to see if you can attend them in another nearby district.



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