Part 7 – Promise and Law

(Values of Scouting)

(NOTE: This part of the Boomerang should be done LAST.
This gives the Cub time to work on and understand the Promise and Law while achieving the other parts.)


Duty to God
Find out three things about your beliefs and explain them to your Leader. This will be specific to the beliefs of each Cub and their family/religion etc.


Promise and Law
Talk to a leader about how you have tried to put your Promise and Law into practice in everything you have done Once again, this will be specific to the Cub in question, however they may need guiding and prompting to assist them in being comfortable explaining.


Do a good turn for your Cub Pack or Scout Group and tell your leader about it. Other than our reminding the Cubs what a good turn is on a regular basis, this is up to the individual to do. It is important to note that it is for the Pack/group, not just a good turn at home that is required here.


Breaking the Cycle
1. Organise a game, activity, or multi media presentation that demonstrates how Cub Scouts look after each other and don’t bully.
2. Contribute to the annual review of Pack Code and sign. Discuss as a Six or pack your current Pack Code.
  • Refer to the resources on the Cub Scout section at; some of these areas could be used when discussing bullying.
  • Develop your Cub Scout Code and display in your hall. Download the template in the Leader Booklet from the Breaking the Cycle website section Badge and Award Scheme this will assist you to complete this task
  • You will also find games and activities that will assist you at



Breaking the Cycle was added in late 2016 - for those with older Cub Scout Record Books (Yellow book), here are replacement pages you can download, print and stick into your book. They also include the Camping award and Messengers of Peace award as well.


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