Part 4 – Outdoor Scouting

(Outdoor Scouting)

Compass and Navigation
Discuss how a compass works and show you know the 8 principal points A magnetised needle, as found in a compass, is affected by the magnetic lines of force surrounding the earth, and thus when allowed to spin freely it will align itself with those lines and point at the magnetic north pole.
There is more detail in the Bronze level notes for this item if needed.
The principal points required are
  NW   NE  
West       East
  SW   SE  


Use a compass to follow a simple trail which includes 6 compass points As the Gold level cubs have to set a trail for their badgework, the opportunity arises to use the trail from the gold test for the silvers to follow.
(The bronze could tag along to get the basics as well).


Maps and Hiking
Demonstrate five ‘trail signs’ The pic below shows some basic trail signs, and more are available in places such as or . Trail signs are made on the ground, close to the left-hand side of the trail.
They should never be made where they will damage or disfigure property.



Use a road map to work out the distances between two towns named by a leader If you have camp or major event coming up, maybe the cubs could work out how far it is to get there, or how far it is to get to the next jamboree or Cuboree.


Fire Lighting
Discuss ways that fires can start in the home and in the bush. I believe that the book is wrong on this requirement – it is the exact-same question as the Safety- Fire section (of the Silver Boomerang).

A suitable test may be to explain how to safely prepare the ground and timber etc for a campfire or cooking fire (which would then be built and used in the next test).


Outdoor Cooking
On a fire you prepare and light, cook a meal such as sausages or food in a foil pouch. Either have a cooking evening, or make sure this can be done at a camp.



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