Part 14 – Your Community

(Growing Awareness of Local Community)

Demonstrate that you know how to do cleaning around the home, such as vacuuming, sweeping, washing up and cleaning the bathroom. One possible way to test this is to allocate cleaning tasks carefully during or at the end of a camp.
Alternatively, Mum or Dad can “give evidence” to show what the cub has done at home.
Some aspects can be used as a game, but I am unsure how a race to vacuum the hall will work, let alone a game of “who can clean the toilet the fastest”. :-)


Do some minor repairs to clothes and around the home As well as asking for parents to tell us what the Cub has done, this is a chance to get the cubs to sew on a badge they have been presented with. One such as Job-Week, when most should get something (hopefully), could be presented at the start of the meeting, and then they could all sew their badges on at Cubs – which has the added bonus of being a pleasant surprise for mum, instead of being something else she has to do before next week.
The repair around the home could be also tested if there are items around the hall that need repairs that the cubs could do. This has the added bonus of giving them more ownership of the hall, which hopefully assists in getting them to look after it even better.


Local Community
Find out how your town or suburb name originated. Your local council will most likely have information available on this - or your local Historical Society.
If you are lucky, you will be able to find a printed book on the history of your loacl area, as I was able to do (at a garage sale).


Where is the nearest -
  • Police Station
  • Ambulance Station
  • Hospital
Unless you are new to the area you live in area, or live a long distance from your meeting hall, then you should know this information – and it will vary from Pack to Pack of course.


Local Organisations
Name three essential service organisations that provide for your community, and explain what they do. The three that most likely will be most familiar to the cubs are the Police, Ambulance and Fire services. However, others such as the State Emergency Service the Rural Fire Service / Bush Fire Brigade or the Royal Flying Doctor Service are also highly suitable for this test.



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