Part 12 Self Expression


Complete any TWO of the following


Since this section is SELF expression, other than assisting the cubs by encouraging them and creating the enviroment and program that will facilitate their creative effort, there is little else the leader can do. However, it is important to create an environment where the cubs feel happy to achieve this section of the award.

Performing Arts
Organise and perform in a mime, skit or play with other members of your pack Many regions have resources that would assist here, not to mantion the many skits etc that are available on-line. If planned well, this can also be done as a part of a campfire evening.


Visual Arts
Create a painting, drawing or 3-dimensional piece and have it ready to display. Try having the cubs paint a picture or do drawings one night as an activity.


Creative Writing
Write a poem or short story, which may be fictional or a report of an event. Invite the cubs to write a report on a recent cub outing or event for your group or region newsletter.


Sing 2 songs or play 2 pieces on a musical instrument for your pack A Pack Performance Night may suit this - make sure you promote it to the cubs in advance so those who want to perform can come along prepared.



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