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These days there are many activities that the majority of kids get to try at one time or another. because of this, I try to program activities that are a little bit different, or things the Cubs will usually not have done before. As I am in Sydney, these are generally in or near Sydney, however reading this list may prompt ideas for those of you in other states. (If you are interstate, and want to send a list of suggestions/ideas for your state, I am happy to add them on an additional page to assist other leaders there).

If you have a GPS receiver (not just an electronic street directory) available, it is well worth finding out what Geocaches are available when you are on an outing, so the Cubs get to learn about the sport, and how to use the GPSr.

  • BUSH HIKES - there are plenty of National/State Parks that have suitable tracks - if there is somewhere to swim there, such as Karloo Pool in The Royal National Park, all the better.
  • Catch a train to Cronulla Station, the ferry across to Bundeena, and than select a hike in the Royal National Park from there. There is plenty of beach to have a swim before heading back home.
  • I believe Cronulla Scout hall (nr Gunnamatta Wharf) is available for hire, so you could even link a stay there to the above trip to Bundeena etc.

  • Catch the Rivercat into the city (Sydney), visit the Anzac Memorial and walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This page is a schedule/program I have used for this trip.
  • Visit Bare Island at La Perouse (about $8 entry?), and possibly arrange a talk by an Aboriginal Guide while you are there.
  • Visit the Medical History/Nursing Museum at Little Bay, which has lots of weird vintage medical gear on display, including a real "iron lung" machine (contact Lyn Smith - 02)9387-4412 for details).
  • Have a picnic day down at Audley in the Royal National Park, and hire a few row-boats for your pack to use. A variation on this is to have the pack meet early and catch the train to Engadine/Heathcote then to hike across to Audley, with the parents meeting them there for a picnic lunch etc.
  • There are, of course several other great parks throughout every city that would suit a family picnic day for your pack, or your entire Scout Group too.
  • Run a Car Observation Rally with questions to answer on their way to a park for lunch.
  • Visit your local RSL for a pre-arranged Heritage night (contact the Sub-branch there in advance to arrange this sort of event).
  • Special Railway Tunnel Tours under Sydney City can be arranged if you can find the right contact person.
  • Take a tour of the ANSTO Nuclear Reactor site at Lucas Heights (must be pre-booked)
  • The NPWS can provide Heritage/Aboriginal tours in the National Park (Royal or Kurnell)
  • Book a Learn-to-surf class at Cronulla beach (probably at others as well)
  • Head to the Air Activites Centre and go for a flight in a light plane or glider
  • Visit the Fairfield City Farm
  • Go white-water rafting at the olympics venue near Penrith.
  • Visit The Railway Museum at Thirlmere (you can also swim at the Lakes nearby)
  • if you prefer smaller trains, there are a few local Engineers Clubs that have rideable trains. They usually have a monthly open day. A really great looking track is run by the Hornsby Model Engineers at Galston (Usually open 2nd Sunday each month).
  • A Sydney Observatory evening visit (also check re (free) Sky@night info sheets). This night can be linked to a Stargazing Theme night - & recognising constellations, and to a Badge.
  • Also available is Sutherland Observatory, run by a non-profit group.
  • Visit The Aircraft Museum at Bankstown
  • Visit The Tram Museum at Loftus
  • Visit The Bus museum at Tempe(relocating during 2010, reopens 2011?)
  • Visit The Fire Museum
  • Visit Luna Park
  • Visit Jamberoo
  • Visit the tree-top walk in the Illawarra area
  • If you have canoes available (or a group nearby like us that does), have a family canoeing/swimming day.
  • Book with Scout Water Activies Sydney Harbour (SWASH) for a fun day of boating experiences.
  • On a Sunday, buy a ($2.50) public-transport pass, head into the city (train &/or bus) and catch ferries all around the harbour. There are some great foreshore walks (eg. from Manly) that could be incorporated, catching the bus back.
  • Have a group/district/region Billy-cart derby at a suitable local park.
  • In 2009 the NSW Government ran the Premier's Adventure Challenge, which involved visiting museums and other such venues. The basic deal was that on visiting one of the participating venues, a passport could be collected that enabled free entry for kids (I think it was up to Year 6) at all the other venues for a few months. Assuming this runs in future years, it could be quite useful in programming economic activities for a Cub or Joey group. There were a couple of dozen participating venues, including...
    • Fort Denison
    • The Museum of Sydney
    • The Australian Museum
    • The Powerhouse Museum (both locations)
    • Several Art Galleries

Many venues that have a cost are happy to provide a group discount, so it is worthy asking beforehand to see what you can save.

Of course, there are several other activities available at commercial venues, that the Cubs may get to do outside of Scouting, that may still suit your pack program, such as

  • Lasertag
  • Rock-wall climbing
  • Ten Pin Bowling
  • Swimming
  • Indoor Cricket
  • Go-karting
DON'T FORGET to keep your eye on your state and region websites and newsletters for special events and outings, as well as monitoring your local media for any suitable local or city-based events. Scouts NSW have 3 mobile Rock-climbing walls available - contact your region office or the state to enquire about their use.

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