Cub-Stuff! is for Cub-Scout and Joey-Scout leaders. As I am in Australia, the references to badges and badgework are specifically Australian, but many of the ideas will work internationally anyway.
There are ( or will be soon) ideas for programs - including a fairly full list of ideas relating to programs to cover the Boomerang award scheme. In that light, I will be trying to include here as many suggestion of programs for achievement badges - whether they be programs I design myself or ones supplied by others. Scouting is outdoors when possible, so I will list many outdoor activity and programs. Knots are inportant in Cubbing as well as Scouting, so many Knot-tying links are included in these pages. Ropes and camping, bushcraft, outdoors, hiking and tents are all a part of scouts and cubs.
If you are keen on BUSHCRAFT I would suggest viewing some of Ray Mears' programs, and you never know, you may learn something you can teach your mob/pack/troop. His Ray Goes Walkabout series is all shot in Australia, and well worth tracking down.

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