Finding time to cover the Gold in a normal year.

The Gold Boomerang has more reqiuirements than the other two, and sometimes it is challenging to program to cover the Gold sections fully, without leaving the Cubs attempting the other levels with spare time. Of course sometimes, no matter how well the program is planned, the few cubs that need to cover a section may not be there on the week it is done. Eventually most of us feel we need to "catch-up" on a section or two. Some suggestions I have recieved to rectify this are detailed here.

The way one group have started doing it is by having a BOOMERANG MARKET NIGHT. (about twice a year on a normal pack night). These nights do need a bit of prior preperation by the leaders as what i do is set up an activity grid sheet for each kid that has the boomerang activities they need to catch up on to complete the level they currently are (or were before their birthday) working on. You also have to rope in as many 'helpers' as possible for the night - call in your Scout Leaders, Venturers, Rovers or Scouts that you can access. Then you are ready to begin!
We try to make it into a bit of a game by making it a money making game. Each Cub starts the game with $5 (Boomerang money not real cash!). Then they have the opportunity to make money by going to the 'Examiners table' (where a few of the Cub Leaders sit) and showing the leaders they can complete one of the Boomerang tasks on their sheet - eg, 'tie a reef-knot'). If they complete the task successfully they are given $10 Boomerang money as their reward. Now of course not all the Cubs can just front up and tie a reef knot without a lesson - thats where those 'helpers' come in handy. a Cub can 'buy a lesson' from the bases around the room for $5. For the $5 they buy a leader, or a venturer or scout etc to give them a lesson. (Now the 'crafty cubs' will work out that it is cheaper to work in groups and pay $5 and get a team lesson - which encourages team work - or they can teach each other for free!). So after their lesson they front up to get tested and get another $10. At the end of the night we might have recognition for the Cub who earned the most money, the Cub who was first to finish all the challenges, Cubs that were seen to be showing the best 'helpfullness' and teamplay etc.

Some groups overcome this by having a special 10 year old camp for the Cubs doing their Gold Boomerang where they can concentrate on the parts of the Boomerang that do take a lot longer (like in Section4 - preparing a meal and a hot drink for yourself and an adult using your cooking fire). This camp could be run at a district level too, thus providing plenty of leaders to assist. You could even talk with your scout leaders, and maybe have them come along and cover some of the Scout Campcraft badge at the same camp if the Cubs are due to go up soon


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