Part 9 – People and Cultures

(Growing Awareness if the Wider World)

Indigenous Australians
Visit a local site where you can learn more about the traditional owners of your area. Finding a local site can be challenging, however there are useful Aboriginal-themed or guided Tours at various places around Sydney (bookings are usually required). Some details are included here.

The original inhabitants of the area now known as Bankstown were the Aboriginal people known as the Eora. Their land bordered the Dharawal and the Darung people.

Some reference websites to get you started:


International Cultures
Find out about another country

Show where it is on the map in relation to Australia, and discover how the people live, what they eat and the clothes they wear.

With the cultural diversity in our country, for many packs, it can be as simple as asking the cubs to bring in information about the country their family comes from. A fun way to achieve this is to have an International Night along the following guidelines (which covers all 3 levels)
  • Come dressed in traditional costume/dress of either your family’s “home” country or another country of your choice.
  • Bring a plate of food from that country, so everyone can try them near the end of the night. (finger food is recommended, unless you are planning a full sit-down type meal).
  • Be prepared show where the country is on a world map.
  • Be able to tell everyone how/where the people live etc
  • If you know in advance what countries will be represented, applicable games from those countries can be played (or ask the parents for information on “their” traditional games).
  • To cover the silver section, those cubs need to also be able to say hello, goodbye, please and thank-you in that language. It would be nice if they could teach the other cubs as well.


Find out about scouting in another country – the name of their Sections, whether boys and girls can be cub scouts, and something about their badges. While this can be set as a “homework” type project, a fun way is to find a few books, or print off some pages from the internet with info from several countries, and either have the cubs choose one to talk about, or make a collage/picture using the information & pictures etc.


Take part in an overnight activity organised at District, Region or Branch level. - Take Part! -
        – Overnight! -

                    – What more can I say...!
This is one reason why at least one leader in the pack needs to attend your District Seeonee. That is how you will know what is arranged, or to ask for it to be arranged if it isn’t.
If you're not taking part in District, Region or State events, especially overnight ones, then there is no chance for your cubs to complete this particular test.



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