Part 6 – Symbols of Australia

(Growing awareness of local community)

Teach another Cub Scout to hoist and break the Australian Flag in the correct manner. To fold the flag, hold it horizontally, fold in half lengthways, then lengthways again, with the Union Jack on the inside. Then fold it from the “loose” end like a fan, for about half the length, then roll the rest of it. Wrap the rope from the Union Jack corner around the outside to hold it together and tuck the rope under itself to hold it there.

To hoist it, ensure the longer rope (the Union Jack corner) is attached to the upper lanyard, and the other to the loser one, once ready to break, it is only a matter of giving the lower rope a tug, and a correctly rolled flag will break correctly.
Many people will also slip a very thin twig into the loop that is tucked around the flag, so it does not pull out until it is supposed to. A thin enough twig will snap as soon as the rope is pulled.


Show an understanding of the different ways of flying the flag Normally - on a pole- When hanging the Australian flag it should be hung with the Union Jack in the top left corner against the flagpole.
Normally - against a wall- If you are hanging the flag against a wall etc, it should be hung with the Union Jack in the top left corner. Please be aware that Australian Protocol states that this applies even if you are hanging it vertically - ie. the Union Jack still goes in the top left corner (even though it may feel you are hanging it backwards).
Mourning - in cases of national mourning, the flag is flown at half mast.
Distress if the flag is being flown to summon aid, it is hung upside down - ie. with the Union Jack at the bottom.
(NB. On ANZAC Day, Flags are required to be flown at half-mast till noon, then raised to the masthead until sunset).


Reproduce the Australian Coat of Arms and explain the meaning of each emblem The best reference site for information about the Australian Coat of Arms is It's An Honour which is a Federal Government site.
There you will also find details about the Australian Flag, and our official emblems.
Not only is there great reference info, but it also has templates of the flag and other items you can make use of.


Flora and Fauna
Name and describe the floral emblem of Australia and explain why it was chosen Australia's national floral emblem is the golden wattle. When in flower, the golden wattle displays the national colours, green and gold. Of course, much more detail should be available at It's An Honour .



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