Part 14 – Your Community

(Growing Awareness of Local Community)

Show you know how to wash and iron your clothes Other than having the parents tell us that this is done, it is hard to check the washing part, however, it could be feasible to have a gold level cub demonstrate to the rest of the cubs how to do some ironing.
Hot iron(s) and a competitive cub game just don’t seem to be a good combination.


Local Community
Take part in a visit to a local place of interest and find out how it serves the community.


The local emergency services (such as fire, police & ambulance) are usually happy to have a group of cubs for an evening or a day visit. Other possibles are places such as a pre-school, or (as in the Sutherland Shire at Oyster Bay) a community Star Observatory or even a specialised sporting venue (eg – A local Velodrome). Even a park, waterside boardwalk, beach or school may even fit the bill. Even in a small town, the big factory that employs half the town would probably also be suitable - so the possiblities are limited only by your imagination.


Meet or visit someone who lives or works in your area and find out what he or she does to help the community Arranging a visit to someone, or having them visit the cub pack one evening are two ways to cover this, and most people are more than willing to take the opportunuty to let others, especially children, know about their work.


Local Organisations
Find out about two charitable organisations in your community and what they do to help other people. I would assume here that charities such as Vinnies, the Salvos, Lifeline etc would suit this requirement. There may also be more localised ones for your own area. Once again, it may be possible to have someone visit, possibly from the local charity collection shop.



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