What is it?

A Cuboree is a standing camp, usually run on a state-wide basis, and is the cubbing equivalent of the Scouts' Australian Jamboree.
The 3rd NSW Cuboree was held in Newington Armory, Sydney Olympic Park for 5 days/4 nights in October 2007,
The 4th NSW Cuboree was held at Cataract Scout Park in January 2011 and
The 5th NSW Cuboree 2014 will be at Cataract Scout Camp in January 2014.
In 2007 one we had about 1500 cubs and probably 500 leaders and helpers, while in 2011 the numbers had increased with about 2000 cubs attending. Even more are anticipated for 2014.

Cuboree is like a very, very large pack/district camp, but with someone else planning it all, as well as organising and running all the activities. Sure, you probably have to spend a day setting up all the tents (especially if they are Cottage tents), dining area, kitchen area and other gear, and then packing and trucking it all back to your storage/halls etc at the end, but overall the pressure of the programming is someone elses.
That of course leaves you with time to cook, run the pack (with about 36 cubs per "cuboree-pack"), get them to and from activities, send them off to bed several times, be woken during the night by noise and be woken at the crack-of-dawn because they woke just as the sun appeared - but, yes, it's a great time.

Who Can Go?

Cuboree is open to all cubs that have not yet turned 11 as of the end of the camp. As the NSW Cuboree is every three years, each cub will only get one chance to attend the Cuboree.
Scouts, Venturers, Rovers & Leaders can come along to assist. Scouts must be 14, have their Pioneer Badge and have attended a Scout Leadership Course. Parents may also be able to come along as assistants (eg. as cooks etc).

What Happens?

Generally, on the first night we have an Opening Ceremony, with Closing Ceremony on the final night, (both have some entertainment included). In between are three days and 2 nights of fun & excitement. Activities may include crafts, games, sports adventure and challenges. Then on the final day we pack up and head home. Travel to and from Cuboree is via coach from a point local to home.

In addition to the Cuboree, you will need to attend a "practice" camp for a weekend (about October - November) with your cuboree-pack. This is known as a "shake-down" camp, and is a chance for all cubs and leaders to meet each other before they get to Cuboree, and for the cubs to get an idea of how the camp will be set up.
(For those in South Metropolitan Region, your shakedown for Cuboree 2014 will be on 16th and 17th of November at the Glenfield Scout `Camp).

Leader Information.

I was at the 2007 Cuboree as a line leader. Being a line leader means you are camped with the pack, and look after them much as you would do at a pack Holiday camp, and are thus with the cubs the whole time.
At my second Cuboree in 2011, I was given the role of Pack Leader, and charged with managing the team of leaders and parent helpers, as well as the Cubs in our Mega-pack.
In some roles, such as activity leader, the only time spent with the kids is during their time at your activity base. There are several role options, giving you a range of possible involvement at the event.
If you are thinking of helping at a Cuboree or Jamboree in any role, but are not sure whether you really want to - JUST DO IT - I can almost guarantee you will have a great time too.

The leader information page provides a guide for leaders who have never been to a Cuboree before. It includes role definitions, a Pack equipment list, and campsite lighting information as well answering questions leaders have asked.

For more information, contact your Region office, or see your State Scouts website

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