Craft Ideas - make your own Woggles

There are several ideas on this page that may be of use to you. Making a woggle is a great idea when you are on a camp.


 This great-looking wolf-head woggle is easy to amke - it uses two pieces of leatherette -cthe first cut in the wolf-head ahpae, and the other a strip about 7.5cm by 1.5cm.
Two paper fasterners are used to create the eyes, while at the same time holding the ends of the strip to the head.

 This is made from a piece of leather or vinyl - just cut into the shape of the standard Scout Woggle, and join the rear using a fastener or your choice. The best method is to stitch them at the back, however this example uses a simple paper-fastener.
A design can be added - draw, burn, stamp etc - whatever suits you.

I recommend that you draw the cutting outline on the BACK of the material, not the front as was sone in the example, so you do not end up with pen lines on the front! Draw your outlines in advance and have the cubs cut them out, or have a timber or thick cardboard template available for them to draw it themselves before they cut it out.

 This woggle in the shape of the old scout hat is not for the faint-hearted, as there is a fair bit of work carving or turning timber to make a woggle like this. This particular example is one of a series created by a leader for his group's leaders.
It is included to inspire your creativity.

 A peice of stainless steel pipe, with burred edges and an engraved design. Easy to do if you have the right equipment. (Some sticking plaster was added tot he inside to stop it slipping off too easily.



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