Craft Ideas - Plant Some Seeds


Lots of containers make a good seed-planter such as in these 2 examples.
Firstly we have used a plastic punnet that had strawberries in it complete with a lid, making a form of terrarium. There is also a mimi-alternative inside it, using a rinsed eggshell. Just sit/glue the egg into a large bottle cap to stop it rolling over.
In the second picture (below), a large laundry scoop has had a couple of milk-caps glued to it to make it look like a hand-cart.

In each case simple loosely pack some cotton wool into the planter, sprinkle some seeds in (use more than shown in the pic actually), and add some water (not too much).
Good seeds are things like mustard or cress, which can be trimmed when about 4-5cms tall and added to a sandwich.

Of course, whatever containers you have readily available will probably work fine for this type of craft.



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