Craft Ideas - Fridge magnets

These are cute animal shaped fridge magnets that are really simple to do -
  • a few sheets of thin craft foam
  • some pieces of fridge magnet material (buy ready to use or reuse old ones)
  • stick-on Mini-eyes
  • and a marking pen
are all that you will require. (OK, so you may also need someone who can draw if you are not too good at it yourself, however most people can COPY without too much problem).
The samples about were made by providing the drawn shapes on the foam sheets, and having the cubs cut out the one they want before adding a piece of magnet to the back.

You may notice that some have more than one colour of foam. They are made by hot-glueing the separate pieces together, as shown below.

Your designs are limited only by your imagination for a craft like this.  

If you try a few stores, you may even find that this type of item are available ready to cut too.



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