Craft Ideas - A Self-Balancing Toy

This is a simple project, but one that will keep them amused for ages.
All you need is
  • one and a half wine-corks per toy (even the newer plastic corks will work- BTW - did you know that they usually also work well as a pencil eraser?)
  • a couple of lengths of thick wire approx 15cm long (cut up coat hangers were used for this example)
  • several nuts (try asking your hardware store for any spare/old stock)
  • a couple of bead-topped drawing pins
  • a couple fo longish screws (about 4cm-6cm )
  • a needle, or other short stiff wire (for the balance pin), and another as the "neck"
Using pliers, put a tight bend on the bottom ends of the leg wires to stop the nuts falling off. Everything attached to the corks is just pushed well into the cork, so no glue is needed. The eyes etc are the pins, and the bottom needle should be in far enough to stay stable when balancing.  



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