Craft ideas

There are hundred of sites and books available with craft ideas.
These pages show crafts that we have done ourselves, or that have been presented on training courses.
Additional items will be added as available time permits.
Fathers day - Card and hanky (tie shaped cutout in a tri-fold card with hanky taped inside, will add template when scanner works again) Fathers day - Laminated Bookmarks- cut into strips, Cubs can colour, then laminate (4 strips to a laminator sheet) & cut- round the edges after laminating/cutting for safety. Add a hole at top and a piece of blue ribbon if you like too. Decorate a tin can.
A pathway flare A Drum A Bunny Fridge Magnet
Bush-framed Photos A straw-phone Grow some plants
A Rubber-glove bagpipe A Tambourine A mini-lagerphone
A scary Bug (or maybe one not so scary) A magical balancer Woggles (great for a special program or a camp etc)
Animal fridge Magnets Christmas Crafts
NOTE: Before you click on this page - it has lots of pics as samples, so may take a while to load on your PC.
There are NO descriptions.
"Dad Rocks" paperweights (try a search for them). They look simple enough too, though we have not done them so far.
Linsey Pollak has some info about making a Carrot Flute that sounds a bit fun and different - especially if your topic is foods. One idea that we have used in the past is to make timber cars (kub kars/pinewood derby) to race on Founder’s Day.
Look up google for details.
Another thing you could try making is a Sock Monkey – see the sites such as or
for more info and insructions.


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