Camping Gear

The following equipment list is based on each six cooking for themselves. If you are using a communal cooking fire instead, then you will not require several of some items of course.

Standing Camp

A standing camp is one where equipment is set up and remains in the same location for the entire camp. You may have to hike in to reach a standing camp, but do not move on once there until you are "heading home".

Each group needs
  • 1 tent
  • 2 groundsheets
  • Tent pegs (about 14)
  • Frypan
  • Billy
  • Egg lifter
  • Large cooking fork
  • Toasting Fork
  • Vegetable knife
  • 2 butter knives
  • mallet
  • lantern
  • Shovel
  • Toilet Paper
Each Cub needs
  • Plastic Mug
  • Durable plastic Plate and Bowl
  • water bottle
  • Spoon/fork/knife
  • Backpack
  • Sleeping bag
  • Torch
  • Camp blanket
  • Airbed/mat
  • Soap & Toiletries kit
  • Towel (2 if swimming there as well)
  • Enough clean clothes (some parents put each day's gear in a labelled plastic bag)
  • Hat
  • Pyjamas &/or track suit
Cubs DO NOT need
  • lollies
  • chocolate
  • a phone
  • electronic games
  • fizzy drinks

If you are using a camp where you have access to a kitchen etc, make sure you check beforehand what facilities and equipment are provided. Some campsites only provide the kitchen itself, and you need to take all the pots/pans etc you will need, whereas others have everything available.

If your camp is a bit larger, for example a Cuboree, then you may need to look thorugh this equipment list, especially if you have to take everything with you.

If you are able to drive right to your campsite, you may consider taking a gas BBQ to make cooking easier as well.

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