Part 9 People and Cultures

(Growing Awareness if the Wider World)

Indigenous Australians
Find out about one of the traditional owners in your area/State/Territory and something about how they lived before European settlement. The original inhabitants of the area now known as Bankstown and the Sydney coastal area were the Aboriginal people known as the Eora. Their land bordered the Dharawal and the Darung people. The Aboriginal people strongly resisted European settlement until a number of their leaders were killed or imprisoned in 1816. An epidemic at about the same time severely reduced the Aboriginal populations, from which time resistance ceased.

Reference websites:

International Cultures
List as many cultural/ethnic groups living in your community (eg at School, church or in your Pack). This will of course vary from pack to pack (etc) and from year to year, but is easy enough for any cub to do.

See the Gold section for a suggested international night that covers all three levels.

Find out something about each of the five Sections in Scouts Australia, either in your own group or in the District.
  • Joeys 6-7 yrs old
  • Cubs 8-10 yrs old
  • Scouts 11-14 Yrs old
  • Venturers 15-17 yrs old
  • Rovers 1826 yrs old
Half an hour on the internet will give any cub the chance to browse for this type of information.


One Bronze cub could be asked each week/month to research for this test, and to present their findings to the pack the following week.


Take part in an activity with a different section. THE EASIEST thing to do is simply arrange a combined activity with either the Joey or Scout section. Just have a chat with the leader from one of the sections at your Group Council.


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