Part 8 – Fitness

(Pursuits and Interests and Responsibility for Self)

Ball Skills
Ball Skills

Throw a ball 5 metres to someone else and catch it on return 4 times

Dribble a ball for a distance of 10 metres

Athletic Skills

Run 100 metres as quickly as you can

Strength & Stamina

Skip 10 times without stopping

You could line the cubs up in Boomerang groups and just “test” each item, but there is no fun in that, and they are there to have fun. This Basic evening’s program covers all three boomerang levels, and could be turned into a mini-olympics type evening or any other theme that suits your program needs.
Activity – Skipping (Section c- Strength and Stamina)
If it is possible to have enough ropes for each cub to have one, have a “contest” to see who can skip the longest, monitoring each cubs achievement according to the level they are attempting. Then – all to attempt skipping backwards – only the Silver’s need to actually achieve this (and the Gold should already be able to from their silver attempt)
However, if that is not possible, then set up a relay style race, over say 40 Metres. – The additional requirements for Silver – skip backwards, and Gold – skip for 2 minutes – will then have to be done as a stand-alone activity/contest.
Activity – Running (Bronze – section b – Athletic Skills)
A simple 100M distance race for all
Activity – Olympic Jumps
1 – Standing broad jump (Silver – section b – Athletic Skills)
2 – Hop/Skip/Jump (Gold – section b – Athletic Skills)
Game – Throw/Catch relay (covers Bronze – ball skills )
In teams of at least 5, set up relay distance of 10M. First cub dribbles a (soccer?) ball to the far end. He/she then throws it back to the front person in the remaining line, who throws it back and sits quickly, The next person is thrown the ball – and so on, to the last person. The solo cub then dribble the ball back to the starting point, and the 2nd cub takes a turn doing the same (1st thrower goes to end of the line). First team to finish, lined up in a single line wins.
Game – Kick and Catch (covers Gold – Ball Skills)
1st cub starts at opposite end of relay field – 20M from the rest of the team- #1 throws the ball (soccer or football) to the first in the team line who kicks it back to the thrower (kick can be any style they like – accuracy is more important that style). Once the ball is “caught”, the 2nd cub runs to the far end to become the thrower, while the 1st runs to the end of the line. All take a turn, and game ends with 1st cub standing at front of the line and all others lined up behind him/her (last person should have caught/got the ball and be holding it while at the end of the line.
Game – French Cricket (covers Silver – ball skills (pt b))
Basic french cricket (or Rounders if preferred), except all get to stay in for at least 5 HITS, and ALL cubs must get to have a turn in bat.
Gold activity – throw/catch (covers last of Gold– Ball Skills)
Over 15M – have the gold level cubs throw and catch a ball 6 times each.


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