Part 5 – Our Cub Scout Traditions

(Scouting aims and principles)

The Jungle Books
Talk about the main characters in the Jungle Books and what their names are

Mowgli - Lost by his parents in the Indian jungle during a tiger attack, a human baby is adopted by the wolves Mother (Raksha) and Father Wolf, who call him Mowgli the Frog because of his furlessness. Mbr /> Mowgli grows up with the pack, hunting with his brother wolves.

Bagheera - (the black panther) befriends Mowgli, partly because Mowgli, being a human, has the power of dominion over beasts: Bagheera cannot withstand Mowgli's gaze. Also, as Bagheera often mentions, he was "raised in the King's cages at Oodeypore" from a cub, and thus knows the ways of man.

Baloo - the bear, teacher of the wolf cubs, has the thankless task of educating Mowgli in The Law of the Jungle.

Shere Khan - the tiger demands that they give him the baby but the wolves refuse. Shere Khan continues to regard Mowgli as fair game, but eventually Mowgli finds a weapon he can use against the tiger — fire.

Akela - is chief of the Seeonee wolf pack and presides over the pack's council meetings. It is at such a meeting that the pack adopts the human cub Mowgli as one of its own and Akela becomes one of Mowgli's mentors.

There are many "unusual" names in the Jungle Book, and pronouncing some of the names correctly can be difficult. If you are unsure of the pronunciation of a Jungle Book name, here is a web site to pronouce most names -


Tell the story of how Mowgli came to be in the Jungle HIRE THE VIDEO of Jungle Book and have a movie evening.
The following week, have the Bronze Cubs talk about the above items.


OR Have them read the first story in The Jungle Book (available at the Guttenberg Project website as a legal & free download).


OR tell a yarn that covers the story, and then have the cubs tell it back to you in basic form the next week(s).


Scouting History
Tell who founded Scouting and where/when it began.

LORD Baden Powell, England, 1907 - A little of his history would not go astray here, but many alternate resources provide his life story.


Find out when Scouting started in Australia and in your Group. 1908 in Aust, and 25th September 1958 in Picnic Point.


When is BP’s birthday and what do we call this special day? FOUNDERS DAY – BP was born on 22nd February, 1857, in London. His father was a clergyman and a professor at Oxford, well known as a distinguished scientist. B.-P.'s mother was the daughter of another scientist, Admiral William Smyth.



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