Part 3 Ropes

(Outdoor Scouting)

Tying Knots
Tie a reef knot.

A RELAY style game makes this fun
Another idea is to make a challenge or game of tying a reef knot with a partner, each using only one hand each (ie- one using their left hand and the other using their right hand).
Or as an advanced activity (probably for a gold level Cub) - try tying the know behind your back.
NOTE It is much more effective to have the cubs tie two ropes of different colours, especially when learning the knot, so that they properly understand how to tie it.

Tie your shoelaces

Game Shoe races
In teams (carefully having all boomerang levels in each group) have all cubs take their shoes off and place in a line at end of hall. In turn, run to shoes put on and tie shoelaces, and back to their team. For those who have non-shoelace shoes have a few cords/shoelaces on hand for them to tie TWO shoelace bows (one per shoe of course).

You may think you know how to tie a shoelace - but, ave a look at Ian's Shoelace Site for more ways thatn you expect to tie shoelaces - including a one-handed method that looks good.

Use of Knots
Discuss how and where to use a reef knot The Reef or Square Knot is a binding knot used to tie a rope around something to secure it. It can also be used to tie two identical ropes together, but the MUST be of the same size, material, age, and condition, or the knot WILL slip.
For joining two ropes, a sheet bend is superior.
Care of Ropes
Show you know how to look after ropes correctly Ropes should be tied in a Hank or Chain, and stored away out of the weather (both damp and sun can damage ropes).

Avoid placing weight on the rope when stored a rope laying on the ground should NOT be walked on etc either.

When running a rope over an object be careful to avoid rubbing on a hard or sharp edge that may wear through the rope you do not want it snapping suddenly when in use!


A looped bundle of cordage. A means of packaging rope or cords by winding it into a series of loops and tying them about the centre.


A multiple-looped means of storing a rope (usually a thicker one), by creating a loop in one end, and looping the next section of rope through it, then the next through that etc. The result looks like a chain made of rope.

Both Hank and Chain methods can be turned into a relay game.


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