Part 14 – Your Community

Show you know how to keep your clothes, toys and equipment tidy.

Talk to your leaders about how you do this

Despite all the cubs best intentions, I think a quick check with the cub’s parents would help before marking this as passed.


Local Community
Show you know where the main features are in your local area, such as
  • The nearest bus stop to home and to the scout hall
  • The safest route to the shops from home
This has to be a local knowledge thing, and will vary from cub to cub, even within the same pack. I would personally include getting to the train and the local police station (assuming these are reasonably close to their home or hall) on the list of features that the cub should be aware of.

For Picnic Point – the nearest bus stop is at the top of the hill.
No, the nearest McD’s does not count – even though they probably know where it is!


Local Organisations
Does your community have a local newspaper or Community newsletter? If so, what is it called? Our own local newspaper is “The Canterbury-Bankstown Torch”, It will vary for other areas of course.



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