Part 12 – Self Expression


Complete any TWO of the following

Performing Arts
Perform in a mime, skit or play with other members of your pack Giving the cubs a week or more notice, advise them that the pack is going to have a concert for the pack. They can select what they want to perform.

Alternatively, arrange for the concert to be for the parents, and hold a cub version of a Gang Show.


Visual Arts
Create a poster, painting, drawing or collage ASK the cubs to create a poster inviting others to come along to try out Cubs – maybe they could be used for you next publicity day!


Creative Writing
Write a poem or short story A SHORT story (or even a poem) could be written about a recent outing, and submitted to your group’s newsletter, so the others sections know what you are doing, while at the same time achieving the badge-work item.


Sing a song or play a musical instrument for your pack The Performing Arts and Music sections can be addressed by running a talent-quest along the lines of shows like Australian Idol. Give the cubs a month’s notice, and have heats over a few weeks. At the end of the term, run the finals and invite Parents etc (or the Joeys?) to watch. Provide certificates of particiapation of you are able to, as the cubs usually enjoy having a momento like that. Alternatively, have someone video all the performances and make a DVD of them all for each cub to have a copy (you will need to sort out any “filming rights” within your group if you decide to use this option).


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