Part 11 – The Natural Environment

(The World Around us)

Name four things that can be recycled and how recycling helps the environment.
  • Metals – all types
  • PET bottle and most other plastics
  • Paper and Cardboard
  • Glass (but usually not window glass)
Make something from recycled materials Three Suggestions
  • A tin-can and string intercom
  • A Terrarium using a large PET bottle, a fern etc and some soil. (cut the bottle at the top of the straight sides, install the contents and then seal using glue – you will need the cap ON the bottle too)


Help to clean up litter in your local area EASY –participate in Clean Up Australia Day


Explain how the litter can harm the natural environment Small and large animals, both on land and in water can choke on plastics and other rubbish. Other effects can be the inability of animals to live in their usual habitat because the insects etc they feed on can no longer live where they should.

An example might be that a pond area becomes so polluted with litter that tadpoles can no longer live and feed in it, thus stopping the frogs from developing and living there.

Excessive litter (especially heavy items and plastics etc) can also stop plants from growing, which may not be noticed for a long time after it starts to be a problem.


Habitat Destruction
Find out what native creatures live in your local area For our Area
  • Diamond Pythons (in the trees along the river)
  • Possums (everywhere)
  • Kookaburras


Discuss how their habitats can be destroyed. Housing, pollution, flooding, fire, excessive noise can all destroy or damage their habitat.


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