Cub Badges and Awards

The Boomerang Award Scheme

Bronze Boomerang
The Bronze is the first level of the Award Scheme,
and is usually worked on by the 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 year old cubs.

Silver Boomerang
The Silver is the second level of the Award Scheme,
and is usually worked on by the 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 year old cubs.

Gold Boomerang
The Gold is the first level of the Award Scheme, and is usually worked on by the 9 1/2 to 10 1/2 year old cubs.
Cubs that join when over 9 1/2 years old will thus start on the Gold and not attempt the other two levels (the same applies for those joining while in the Silver age bracket).
The Gold boomerang is one of the Requirements for obtaining the Grey Wolf Award,
but the two earlier levels are not, enabling older new-chums the opportunity to achieve the Grey Wolf if they so desire.


There are 14 sections to each Boomerang Level,
of which the Cub must complete 10 sections. Of these, the first seven are compulsory,
and any three of the other seven can be chosen.


Click on the boomerang level below for suggestions and ideas of activities and games that can be done to help the cubs to achieve the various parts of the 3 Boomerang levels.

Part 1 Health & First Aid Bronze Silver Gold
Part 2 Safety Bronze Silver Gold
Part 3 - Ropes Bronze Silver Gold
Part 4 Outdoor Scouting Bronze Silver Gold
Part 5 Our Cub Scout Traditions Bronze Silver Gold
Part 6 Symbols of Australia Bronze Silver Gold
Part 7 Promise and Law Bronze Silver Gold
Part 8 Fitness Bronze Silver Gold
Part 9 People and Cultures Bronze Silver Gold
Part 10 Scientific Discovery Bronze Silver Gold
Part 11 The Natural Environment Bronze Silver Gold
Part 12 Self Expression Bronze Silver Gold
Part 13 Handcraft Bronze Silver Gold
Part 14 Your Community Bronze Silver Gold

The genesis of this site was a set of three documents I created as my Cub Wood Badge Project. Each covered one level of the boomerang scheme. Their purpose was to provide a resource that could be handed to someone (such as a new leader or parent) to enable them to teach and/or test the boomerang awards scheme requirements. In order to enable more to access the information, I have converted it to this website, and have been expanding on it ever since.
I still use the printed version most weeks at cubs, and others have requested copies for their use. If you would like to print off a version, use these links (right-click on them, and select SAVE AS) to get a pdf copy for each level. These doc's were last updated in June 2010

Please note - if you are NOT in NSW, you will need to update the Part-6 section for your own State Flag etc.
- see Silver Boomerang Part-6 above for details -

One challenge I faced was making sure we cover enough boomerang sections to ensure that each cubs gets a chance to gain a Boomerang badge for each year they are in Cubs. A basic breakdown of the scheme into a one-year calendar can be found here .
Many of us find that while it is easy to cover the Bronze and Silver sections in a year, sometimes the additional requirements of the Gold Boomerang mean that it is difficult to cover it as easily in the year. I have seen several suggestions for ways to provide times for Cubs to catch up.
Although it could be easy to do just the same ten sections every year, I believe it is important to try to cover all the sections every few years. That way the cubs are exposed to each aspect at least once.
Additionally, there is no restriction on your program to only do ten, so you can cover bits of the remaining 4 each year as well (eg. a science night that is simply for the fun of it).

The above information will probably always be a work in progress, and as I find other useful ideas they will be periodically added here as well.
Much has been gleaned from multiple sources. Where I have obtained the info from another site, I have given details whenever possible.
I am happy for anyone to USE the ideas etc, but copyright applies if you intend to use it for profit. is primarily aimed at providing support and resources for Cub-Scout and for Joey-Scout leaders. As I am in Australia, the references to badges and badgework are specifically Australian, but many of the ideas will work internationally anyway.
There are ideas for programs - including an increasingly full list of ideas relating to programs to cover the Boomerang award scheme. In that light, I will be trying to include as many suggestion of programs for achievement badges - whether they be programs I design myself or ones supplied by others. Scouting is outdoors when possible, so I will list many outdoor activity and programs. Knots are inportant in Cubbing as well as Scouting, so many Knot-tying links are included in these pages. Ropes and camping, bushcraft, outdoors, hiking and tents are all a part of scouts and cubs.
If you are keen on BUSHCRAFT I would suggest viewing some of Ray Mears' programs, and you never know, you may learn something you can teach your mob/pack/troop.

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