Covering the Boomerang Award in a year

This page provides a rough schedule/guideline for covering the entire Boomerang Scheme in one year.
This particular example covers compulsory Sections 1-7 and optional sections 8, 10, & 13

You may notice that Section 7 (Promise and Law) does not appear to be covered. This is due to the need for each cub to make a personal effort for each requirement.

The concept presented here is the break-down of the award into smaller parts, so switching nights around is no problem. In fact we switch them around ourselves as well.
If you stick to basically the same timing each year, then it will not matter when a new cub joins, as they should get to cover their first Boomerang level within a year of starting on it.
There is no problem with Cubs doing activities that are for another level as well. For example, a science night might have 3 activities run as bases, with each one covering a requirement of a different Boomerang level. All cubs join in at each activity base, but they would only get signed off on the item for their current Boomerang level.
One example of this might be sucking a water balloon (or a boiled egg if you have plenty of eggs to spare) into a milk bottle by dropping a burning piece of paper into the bottle and quickly sitting the balloon on the open bottle neck. If each cub gets to do this, it would cover the Bronze Science-Physics requirement (B10c), but the other levels would still have enough fun doing it that they won't care that is was not a part of their own Boomerang work.

Week # Section to be covered

Term One

(8 weeks)
1 Law & Promise refresher (+ knot games?)
2 5a, 5b (these two relate to Founders Day, which is around this time)
3 1a
4 Easter Craft
5 Cooking Level 1
Running an achievement badge night early in the year encourages them to plan others themselves.
6 1b, 1c
7 1d
8 Spare/catchup etc
NOTE: -in the school holiday is probably also your local Anzac March
also possibly arrange an Anzac visitor at end of term 1.

Term Two

(9 weeks)
1 Mother's Day craft (poss S13)
2 2a, 2b
3 2c
4 2d, 2e
5 2f, 2g
6 3a
7 3b, 3c
8 Spare/catchup etc
9 Outing or Special night

Term Three

(10 weeks)
1 4a
2 4b
3 4c
4 4d
5 Spare/catchup etc
6 Fathers Day Craft (poss B13, S13)
7 6a
8 6b
9 6c
10 8 (all) (preferably outside, utilising the benefits of daylight saving)

Term Four

(6-7 weeks)
1 10 - one section
2 10 - another section
3 halloween night
4 Local Hike
5 Spare/catchup etc
6 Christmas Craft
7 Christmas Party & Final Night

Notes on the above -
Get One cub attempting the Gold level should write an item for your next newsletter for each event or outing. This can cover part G12c.
The parts have been divided into a, b, c etc based on the topics within each section. eg. G12c refers to Gold boomerang; Section 12 (Self expression); third item - creative writing.

I do not necessarily use the same three optional sections each year. In fact I try to vary it as much as I can each year.

Sample crafts

The above set of three crafts could also be used to cover a Level 1 Handcraft badge during the year if you like.

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